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Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Nottingham

We are a friendly Nottingham based scuba diving club founded in 1983, actively enjoying several dive trips a year around Britain and abroad. Scubanaut Dive Club is run by a committee of experienced volunteers.

Both new and experienced divers are welcome (from BSAC and other agencies).

Our qualified instructors run frequent courses covering BSAC Snorkel Diver through to BSAC Dive Leader.

Come along and join in the fun, at the Harvey Hadden Sports Complex, every Wednesday night from 8.15pm.

Learn to dive at your own pace in a friendly club environment!

To start with you will first have to learn how to breath underwater. To enable us to breath underwater we use Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or SCUBA for short. We will instruct you on the correct utilisation of this equipment  to ensure your safety as you start to learn new skills that will change your life forever.

Your first exposure to diving is known as a try dive, and costs only £10.00. This experience is conducted in a swimming pool and you start in standing depth of water and work your way down to 3.5 meters of depth once you are comfortable.

Following on from your try dive, you will itching to start upon your Ocean Diver Qualification. This qualification will enable you to dive down to 20m with and appropriately qualified dive buddy. Upon completion of this qualification you will be able to join the club on expeditions in the UK and abroad to destinations such as the Isle of Skye in Scotland or living on a 5 star yacht for a week in the Red Sea, Egypt and everything in-between and beyond.


Remember the world is 2/3 water. There is a lot for you to see!

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